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    come with us now on a journey through time and space

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    There are so many reasons why this is going to be so brutal. Or maybe not, see I am probably just melodramatic. See I’m a hot mess, but back to that in a minute. I haven’t written in a long time and let me tell you, I am not some amazingly smart person. I don’t have any wisdom to bestow on you…

    This is my new grown up, hopefully, blog. Pleaseeeee re-blog or follow if it seems interesting or something you would even want to contribute to.

    I will still post silly things here though.

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  3. Whatever side ways. Good morning loveliesss


  4. Social media just sort of reminds me I lost like 90% of all the friends I ever had because anxiety and craziness. Oh well, good morning


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    damn wtf she throw her baby to beat a bitches ass

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA that’s a me move right there omg “HOLD MY POODLE!”

    no respect, yo… lmao…

    For fucks sake some fucking PEOPLE who are anything but PARENTS.

    Holy shit!

    Its so suspenseful because you know it’s going to happen. That girl made a good catch however.

    Jesus she like tossed her kid onto a girls lap. She didn’t throw it. However the way she was acting was obviously crazed. But I think that baby was fine.
    I don’t know it’s not the worst example of parenting I’ve seen



    Seriously though. Or half nude. Bra and shorts or underwears of some sort…boxers maybe.
    I could just lay here forever feeling cold breezes on my pores.




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    party animal

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  12. Ung

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  13. I am starting my journey as a Pokemon trainer. Me and my neighbors parents, like really didn’t want us to be liked I think.
    Oh, by the way my name is Slutt.


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    Hey guys! So I got a bunch of stuff for Christmas that I either don’t want, or have duplicates of. Since I have parents who insist that returning presents is rude and I should just give them away, I decided to do it on Tumblr b/c I hate the outside world right now.

    Anyways, I’m totally detracting from the message, which is, here is the stuff I’m willing to give away:

    • [1] Keurig Special Edition Single Cup brewer in Chrome ($150.00 - Best Buy)
    • [1] box Starbucks Home Blend K-Cups for Keurig ($19.95 - Starbucks)
    • [1] box Starbucks French Roast K-Cups for Keurig ($19.95 - Starbucks)
    • [1] 16 GB iPad mini with Wi-Fi - White & Silver ($329.00 - Apple)
    • [1] Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray of The Nightmare Before Christmas [Includes Blu-Ray, 3D, and Digial Copy] ($35.99 - Blu-Ray)
    • [1] Boxed Set of all three Santa Claus movies ($39.99 - Wal-Mart)
    • [3] HEXBUG Nanos- Rare, Ultra-Rare and Common ($20.00 - HEXBUG)

    Other Good Stuff To Know:

    • Giveaway runs until February 14th, 2013 (Valentine’s Day)
    • I’ll pick a winner using the random.com generator.
    • Do not delete the text
    • Likes don’t count (but if you want to like it so you can keep track or whatever, go ahead)
    • Must be following me
    • I will ship anywhere in the world.

    Feel free to ask me questions here.

    Good Luck!

    - Kennie

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    Jay-Z getting old.

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